onsdag 6 maj 2009

Sleepless nights.,.exhaustion.,.and nightmares,...

3 h per night, a coffee and mental prestation drives towards some dead end of disfuncional re-evaluation of personal philosophy. When Im taking a little 3 h break to rest my unconsentrative attention span towards words and texts.....Yeah the point is that I forgot the point.
Im watching Sex and The City... educational program about relationships. Of the new world.

No air in my room., and strange sudden noice from wind,...and yes, soo many changes in my life
so many new adaptaions and feelings of inconsistency and going somewhere I don't ...i've not been planning to and somewhere yet very unfamiliar... and yes I hate changes .........I just want to be in my comfortable present position..my own little world,,..my soooft gentle place....
..why is it always so impossible.....from the beginning to the end.

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