torsdag 5 maj 2011

Back again. One more time?

So, it is the end to everything again. Thought I could start over, not yet. It is beautiful in many ways, Insignificant and unmemorable - perfect combination for not having any heavy thoughts, though that was exactly what preoccupied my head in the bus nr 6 and 25.

Bus nr 25, the greasiest bus in the city of London. Filled with the so called societies' outcasts, the heavy thoughts are shown in their faces as dark clouds, filled with rain and misery. Was sitting beside exactly such crew. It is controversial in our society to label people and to have strong opinions (specially conservative, prejudice or right wing) but I have to say, from living in 100 countries, that it doesn't open your eyes towards versatility. For a girl like me (exposed to a pretty safe life considering my childhood and the two kidnap attempts aimed at me) it is just a clarification moment. A possibility to outweigh whats cool and whats not. What it accepted by my subjective world view. Couldn't wait to get out, and promised myself to take the tube next time.

As I have every time I was on that bus,

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