måndag 30 maj 2011

Bank Holiday ! =)

Good morning =) What a beautiful day !!

Not lying, I love this rain, will share it with my darling Simon, pretty soon =)

Yesterday was amazing. Just perfect.

Yesterday I woke up extremely tired. I had 5 coffees, watched 3 hours of Come Dine With Me, had 3 lunches and a massive dinner, (thanks to Jamel for home made pizza !) and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my lovely neighbors...

Was just about to go and pass out , when I got convinces and almost literally dragged out to the most surprising local venue with the best music ever ! The Nest was filled with people bouncing up and down to insane tunes I haven't heard since my experience in my home town in Ukraine, Cherkassy, where a night club decided to take over our towns airport and have a massive Open Air party, where people were literally dancing under airplanes to very nice hard core electronic music.

Just a very nice weekend altogether, not without adventures =)

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