torsdag 19 maj 2011

London !

Went for drinks yesterday on Brick Lane, in east London, which was awesome as I haven't cached up with this boy for ages. And as none of us are Londoners, both moved to build a life in this town, we discussed what we love about this city. I'm comparing it to Stockholm (not to Dublin, since its pretty new and unestablished yet, believe it or not but there's like no real photographer agency there , as an example ) And maybe I measure things in success and diversity, and God knows how the small country Sweden is more developed than UK on loads of aspects (like elevators in the tube, duuh), maybe because they have the time and money to deliver to a such small population. Anyhows, LONDON is the most crazy place on this Earth probably. In a matter of 10 minutes we were offered MDMA and Cocaine, sat next to a man who talked to himself, watched a crazy dance by two grown-up people and others on the table, listened to "White Horse" by Wonderland Avenue and went to the ladies with junkies in their 60s. Perfect ! 

 Not to say it was a Wednesday !

This is what we love about London. 

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