tisdag 17 maj 2011

New start of the week !

Found out I got the internship place I was interviewed for here in LONDON =) Sooo happyy ! Yelena (my friend and house mate) bought me a bottle of champagne and we started to celebrate this and her documentary Scandinavian Change, which will be linked here soon =)

We dressed up for a night of celebration and went out in Shoreditch to party with friends. Of course the evening was a huge success(as we had the best people with us, like Jamel ) and we dancing etc until 4, then hosted an afterparty (of course not without adventures ... )

Saturday was not without a C10H12N2O (serotonin) deprivation.. but Jamel saved us with a surprise BBQ in our garden ! He is the best!

Then went on to see Eurovision song contest - veeery funny and crazy, but hey, its Eurovision ! Had a very beautiful night =))))

Sunday was a PSY class goodbye party in Victoria park - who knew my classmates were so crazyyy ? well...Turned out as a regular East London party anyways =)))

AND Monday was supposed to be a chilled out eve after a day of shopping for underwear and wires (great combo) looking forward sitting down for a meal, turned out ITALIAN INFERNO - when at Bella Italia we got worse experience ever ! Worst wine I ever tasted in my life - as said on FB, even worse than the one I had on the beach in Ukraine in +50 degrees C under the sun straight from a 2L plastic bottle which was poured in a kiosk across the beach , and the wine was a local production of Crimean Koktebel region (oh God, don't let me explain ) and still the Italian Merlot was worse that a cat piss. Yelenas Ice Tea was literally a cup with cold tap water and a teabag , what the hell is this? If I was the manager I would fire this freaking staff,  we thought it was a joke ! And the Carbonara, I was feeeling so sick I nearly threw up on the plate ! Went home and took my medicine . NEVER AGAIN,,, but the pizza there was ok. lol

Welcome Tuesday ;)

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