söndag 5 juni 2011

Crazy Satudray night

Very spontaneous day and night yesterday . Got up early and went to Hackney C to return some clothes to Primark, as nothing from there ever gets tried on b4 ! The Q is endlessss so I just buy things Yeey. Then sat down in the Pub On The Park (POTP) a great pub in London Fields park with amazing atmosphere.

With sun in my face and a pint in my hand I was spending the whole afternoon relaxing and enjoying life. Until I got waisted and rolled further to Broadway Market had my Blue Moon beer (American Weissbier very very nice) and had to go home, or more like crawl cuz I was pissed.

Thought my evening would be quiet and that I would go to bed, but then suddenly I couldn't take it and decided to go out ! First Angel and then ended up in Shoreditch at a place called Mother as some friends were playing amazing minimal-tech-house mix, just blasting. Yelena and Ellie joined and yesss were having some good house mate action =)))) and after party @ moi

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