torsdag 23 juni 2011

A day off in Camden :)

Woke up Tuesday feeling a slight headache and remembered that I was supposed to meet Simon at 1 o'clock, and it was already 12... He always wanted me to see where he is studying to become a real qualified sound engineer and the FAE Institute just around the corner from me. Too lazy to think about my clothes I put on my loong blue skirt, black top, sunglasses and rolled to Kingsland road 279 to meet my Swedish sweetie pie :)))

First @ the FAE institute ...

Things I will never understand

                      Hot man

 Mixing and trixing !!!
 The Green Background used in movies Yeey
and its in Hackney

And then the brilliant idea to rock CAMDEN !!!

Best Chinese I ever had !

 Nice facade !
 The Rave store with Rave music pumping outa there 24/7
 Looking for shoes for my sister Yasmin !!
 The pub with crazy owner !!
 Old Speckled Hen. Good name for a beer.

 Chilling out!
 Functional housing
Craziest rock pub
Good idea.
 Simon and Nicki
 The rock pub

Yes Simon, we know !

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