torsdag 23 juni 2011

Time to eat healthy !!!

After my "this part of Europe" diet, where KFC exists (in Sweden there is no KFC !!!), and after my weight scales told me I gained 5kg (omg) over I dont know exactly what besides all the crazy fat take-aways and sugar I had since October... surprise ! It is time to go back to my roots in search for health and clean food to restore my original body. So there it is:


Norwegian Salmon - instead of meat

Love Seafood - not only for those special days :)

Swedish "Health Platter" - Very popular in Stockholm's many cafes and restaurants

 Raspberry - my personal weakness and a great dessert instead of sugarry things

South America

Red Quinoa - Best choice to replace pasta, rice and all of that


 Middle East

Whole Grain Bulgur - Same use as quinoa

Red Caviar - My favourite Russian Classic - Great as a started on whole grain Swedish crispbread

 ...or why not Black Caviar

... Specially if it is all over my favourite movie star - 
Monica Bellucci


... or if you are lazy and don't want to run around looking for all of this, just pop into any shop and find Quorn, a kind of a meat and chicken vegetarian option originally developed to be used as a food supplement during war times etc., and is extracted from a fungus (Fusarium venenatum). But it does it's job a low fat substitute for meat :)

 Looks like chicken to me !

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