måndag 25 juli 2011

St Tropez !!! (1st nite)

So, last week, crazily enough I went to Saint-Tropez (of all places, yes it is the most rediculous to go to haaa). When Julia, my friend from Stockholm asked me to go with her and 2 other girls I though it would be a great idea, as we would have our "4 girls just wanna have fun" holiday. Did not end up like that at all, as Julia had to go to emergency for operation the same day as we were all meeting in Marseille to head off together to our final destination St Tropez. I was already in France when I heard the news that I was going to be only me and a Russian girl from Malta I never met, Marina. Well, arriving to our hotel I was pissed off and tired, had some beer and crashed on the bed. 1 hour later, Marina made her way in with a positive attitude and together with a cute guy we got ready to hit St Tropez' famous and infamous night club VIP ROOM !!! Where one of the Swedish House Mafia boys Steve Angello playing ! Very niiiice.

And here is how we began our little vacation ;)

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