onsdag 27 juli 2011

Wednesday :D

This has been a very productive day ! Woke up 7am (although came home 12.30 at nite from work last nite) and worked until 13.30 before heading off for a meeting with my supervisor. Clearly unhappy he was , but I cant blame him, deadline not met and me looking tanned as evvah.... He probably thinks all I do is enjoying my life and not doing anything, but its quite the opposite ! And true are my words. Well, you cant tear a person apart to 100 tasks.

Just got a call for another interview for a job Tuesday heeey

Good news - my sister is coming week after next and we will rock London together and have supernice sistertime !! Love my family ! I am truly blessed.

And here is Yasmin ! In her coolest shell ;)

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