tisdag 2 augusti 2011

Not like nothing is happening... =)


This weekend rocked all thanks to my dear friend Simon Kemelfield. Friday: Called him and said (although I was not intending at all) what he was up to, and whether he wanted to come by for alcohol. He did and we went out for a gig on Kingsland rd. Wellllllll was hammered like hell, dont know how I even walked there. Dear Simon was himself all night, which means what it means. =))) insane. Had a nice nite out, drinking until 6 i da morning, and woke up to run to work. Decided it was perfect to continue the evening in the same spirit and so another great nite =)

Now. Consequences. And plenty of work ... and soon unexpected guests.)
                                           Ellie and Simon checking out music =)
                                           In the neighborhood....


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