lördag 13 augusti 2011

Pics of Yasmin's London Holiday ! =)))

Me and Yasmins crazy little sister bonding time in London =)) ! Had an amazing time exploring Shoreditch, hitting Oxford Str., and of course Big Ben, and the rest of it ! Brilllll.
Too much KFC though, as Sweden does not have KFC, we went nuts on it. Yasmin is a bit stronger than me, and I became really ill on Thursday night........... Well well.... Should never have too much of the good... ;)
Wonder how long I'll be put off by that chain... =)))

                                                     At my new favourite Dragon ! =)
In Amsterdam ?
 "Swedish Street" on the way to get some bagels in Brick lane!!!
 And here are the crazy cakes =)
 Decided to try out some London specialties. Here's one:

 Chance street !

The next day was dedicated to London City

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