onsdag 24 augusti 2011

Tic Tac ;)

Very chilled weekend innnn doing my essay.. (mostly) Just had a wonderful time )
 Sunday in some London park , the anticipated sun (promised by both Independent news and BBC never really showed up !!! But we made the best out of it and had ice-cream =))

Monday was deadline and yep, NAILEEED ! Never again , thank u BSc. So that lead to a night I wanted to get smashed and, my mew lifestyle did not really stress me on that for once =))) Loving being busy in one way.. Since have 3 projects running and going maaaad and applying for PhD See how that baby rolls, Counseling is something I do everyday as everyone sees the therapist in me...

Anddddd finally booked my ticket to Sweden ! Going to be there with my family and of course friends especially around GRÖNA LUND my absolute faaav theme park !!

(one not so fun thing though, old SWE friends was supposed to come over to explore London , and crazily enough didnt know he's passport expired ! Silly maybe but heyyy lost ur chance of finding an English rose. Everything cant be perfect  can it ! Next time OMAR ...)

Yelena and D holding a Coke bottle !
                                       Us tanning FINALLY !

 And straighht into MCDONNALDS

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