onsdag 21 september 2011

Afternoon meal ;)

Lamb chops with veg

 Lamb chops marinating in yogurt, my garden herbs, and some sea salt
Frying up aubergine in olive oil
Adding the rest: tomato, red onion, green pepper and beetroot
Lamb chops, few minutes on each side - nicely mid-rare
 Finalizing veg
 Result :

Now to dessert I didn't do myself, but hey, next time my Swedish pancakes with strawberries in syrup and freshly whipped cream ;)

måndag 19 september 2011


Was struggling with what language to use here today. As my English is limited.

Finally started my Masters today ! In Occupational and Organizational Psychology. Not the most easiest I must tell. But it will be great.

Realized a lot of things today and decided to re-evaluate details about my new opinions about the world. I am tired of my unfeminist ways. I must get a better understanding of equal rights of the genders.

Cant believe I lost a bit of "Westernization" and pride of everything women fought for all these centuries. How awful. Time to remember.

Kind regards,


P.S. Miss MY life.

tisdag 13 september 2011

SWE 2011 in Pictures :) "I only have hot girlfriends" Edt.

The trip to STHLM was not what I expected it to be from the moment I set my foot on Swedish ground. It truly went with the saying that 'whomever truly wants to see you - will find a way to do so !'

So nice to have met the girls on my short visit to Stockholm =) People I least expected to see (cuz they dont use FB or Skype) to find me in this city !

Was welcomed by Lesia on Thursday Very beautiful friend, who is married and expecting her first baby ! =)

 And this is our perfect sushi lunch ! =) *Missed it alot*
Then went on to meet my best friend Sergey Diachenko, for some quick shopping at my favorite WEEKDAYS store in Södermalm and of course got their cuff, very sexyyy and hot !

In this pic from Saturday nite
 Then I went into Stockholm city, although it was Thursday evening, Lesya nr 2, my old friend from youth decided she would welcome me with a bottle of sprakling ! 

What a pleasant surprise ! =)
Stockholm by night
Next morning i woke up and met my youth friend Anna, sweet girl and wonderful ambitious person, and loves her family and loves being a woman ! (This one is from 2009 party nite at my place,,, Unforgettable!!)
Then Friday was in Gröna Lund themepark and afterparty at Lesya (who I had a sparkling evening with the nite before=))
Then Saturday night ! All my hot women, my cousin Esse, Julia, Susan and Alina, gathered for a meal at the Italiano Papa =)) And then we went to Collage, and their VIP area was as busy as the main floor, so Scandic lounge it was =) nice chatting to Julia about relationships, loving that =)) Hope we´ll all meet up properly next time, now that we all promised to attend Susan's wedding in Malta very soon ! =)) 

måndag 12 september 2011

Stockholm theme park Gröna Lund ! =)

I decided that Gröna Lund (theme park) is the ultimate place to be on my trip to Stockholm, so me and some friends decided we would go nuts there on Friday I was in SWE. After confirming with everyone some ppl decided they were too busy or whatever on the day we were all supposed to go... Met up Marre in town with our secret bottle of Stolichnaya Russian Vodka that would spice up our funky theme park day ! So from 3-to 11pm we were rocking all crazy (daring!,) rides and just running around like kids .... Our favorite Pop Expressen (ride) was playing Dub-step , amazing and just unbelievable for Stockholm style. Marre was so nice (just when I thought all gentlemen were dead ) invited me for dinner at the pier there, and we had really nice sirloin steak (my fav).Yeey The trip wasn't finalized b4 we went on Fritt Fall (free fall) and so we did and continued to Lesias afterparty in Husby ! =)) crazy day.
                                                        Stolichnaya !
                                                 Gröna Lund

                 Crazy Love tunnel where kids love to go !
                                               Håkan Hellström
                                                          Lustiga Huset . Funky House

tisdag 6 september 2011

måndag 5 september 2011

I think I got it. [comments on freedom]

Came to uni from work and was looking through my e-mail. Got some messages, replied and now checking out my friends and what they're up to this grey Monday afternoon.
Scrolling through my friend list in Vkonkate.ru (Russian FB type of website) , everyones statuses - love, success, loneliness, proverbs and philosophies of life - but most of all relationship-related yada yada. Who is with who, who is happy where and who hates their motherfucking x girl - /boy friend. The usual break ups and make ups statuses are all about realizing freedom. Freedom of choice and freedom of behaviour and freedom to think for oneself..
and suddenly it hit me.

I had a call from an old friend of mine a few months ago who was very sad and told me he broke up with his beloved girlfriend of a few years, whom he supposedly was going to marry - at least according to her, he ensured me - her controlling ways got him insane and tired. So finally after not been able to speak to any female friends - he finally got the freedom to give me a call. Asking me to get a flight and visit him. As I am myself very familiar with all these sudden freedom "sprees",  I never took this seriously. And not to my surprise I was right - days later he was back on the track in the cage he fled from.
Not the first time, and very often - wayyyy too often, this type of contacting happens and I finally see a clear pattern.
Pattern I am not happy to see.

Men who might have liked you in any way - as soon as they have a possibility to give you that shout, they will come texting, ringing and messaging, flirting, and crying and begging to meet.
My question is - since there has been a substantial amount of this type of communication seeking - why the hell me.

A long time ago now, I was deprived of freedom in my young years because of my strict upbringing. I did not like that and so I decided to be free. A decision I had to fight for. When I grew up (lets say 20) I was in a relationship - I retained my human rights - such as meeting friends and going out. This - I soon found out was not a right for many of my "relationshipes" friends in my international social circle. Some had to come home a certain time, were not allowed to be friends with the opposite sex  without getting jealous phone calls from their "significant others", or wear 'revealing' clothes etc. So some of them envied me. Probably wondering how the hell I was not restricted. How could someone be trusted to that "extend" ? Well lets say I was blessed on that matter. (very unusual...?)

So what do these people do the first thing they get their 'human rights' back ? They run wild. And so who do they call to socialize ? Me - since clearly I'm some kind of a freaking symbol of freedom ! Great. Thank you very much. Im flattered.
My freedom came at a cost and was not so easy to attain. (I have very strict parents for European norms.).

What is their excuse..

Well. Shit.

I am not looking for a man who wants to spend his "new found" freedom with me. I see this as disrespect.