torsdag 1 september 2011


Yesterday I went to Stansted airport only to find out that I had mixed up my departure with arrival place. Well nothing to be done, with this Ryanair everyone knows how this story goes. Has to happen. Realized yesterday that I have to rebook all my appointments in Sweden as I decided to go next Wednesday instead.. Guess what happens, motherfuckers decided to ruin all that for me without understanding the importance (time and money). Thank you. Hope this is how I will re-pay you once the tables are turned. And I fucking will.

But keeping my head up, and looking forward to my family and friends. Gröna Lund (Sthlm theme park) will host singer Håkan Hellström, the coolest chap around for great Swe songs) Alice, Yasmin, Marre and a bottle of vodka with me on all rides baby. Just let me through !
                                    Me and Alice at Gröna lund 2007

Good news is that the "Malta trio" will be re-united now that both Susan and Julia will be in Sweden at the same time =) Looking forward to a relaxed weekend.
                       Susan, Julia and Moi in Malta Winter 2011

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