tisdag 13 september 2011

SWE 2011 in Pictures :) "I only have hot girlfriends" Edt.

The trip to STHLM was not what I expected it to be from the moment I set my foot on Swedish ground. It truly went with the saying that 'whomever truly wants to see you - will find a way to do so !'

So nice to have met the girls on my short visit to Stockholm =) People I least expected to see (cuz they dont use FB or Skype) to find me in this city !

Was welcomed by Lesia on Thursday Very beautiful friend, who is married and expecting her first baby ! =)

 And this is our perfect sushi lunch ! =) *Missed it alot*
Then went on to meet my best friend Sergey Diachenko, for some quick shopping at my favorite WEEKDAYS store in Södermalm and of course got their cuff, very sexyyy and hot !

In this pic from Saturday nite
 Then I went into Stockholm city, although it was Thursday evening, Lesya nr 2, my old friend from youth decided she would welcome me with a bottle of sprakling ! 

What a pleasant surprise ! =)
Stockholm by night
Next morning i woke up and met my youth friend Anna, sweet girl and wonderful ambitious person, and loves her family and loves being a woman ! (This one is from 2009 party nite at my place,,, Unforgettable!!)
Then Friday was in Gröna Lund themepark and afterparty at Lesya (who I had a sparkling evening with the nite before=))
Then Saturday night ! All my hot women, my cousin Esse, Julia, Susan and Alina, gathered for a meal at the Italiano Papa =)) And then we went to Collage, and their VIP area was as busy as the main floor, so Scandic lounge it was =) nice chatting to Julia about relationships, loving that =)) Hope we´ll all meet up properly next time, now that we all promised to attend Susan's wedding in Malta very soon ! =)) 

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