måndag 12 september 2011

Stockholm theme park Gröna Lund ! =)

I decided that Gröna Lund (theme park) is the ultimate place to be on my trip to Stockholm, so me and some friends decided we would go nuts there on Friday I was in SWE. After confirming with everyone some ppl decided they were too busy or whatever on the day we were all supposed to go... Met up Marre in town with our secret bottle of Stolichnaya Russian Vodka that would spice up our funky theme park day ! So from 3-to 11pm we were rocking all crazy (daring!,) rides and just running around like kids .... Our favorite Pop Expressen (ride) was playing Dub-step , amazing and just unbelievable for Stockholm style. Marre was so nice (just when I thought all gentlemen were dead ) invited me for dinner at the pier there, and we had really nice sirloin steak (my fav).Yeey The trip wasn't finalized b4 we went on Fritt Fall (free fall) and so we did and continued to Lesias afterparty in Husby ! =)) crazy day.
                                                        Stolichnaya !
                                                 Gröna Lund

                 Crazy Love tunnel where kids love to go !
                                               Håkan Hellström
                                                          Lustiga Huset . Funky House

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