söndag 9 oktober 2011

The key is not to loose it.

Well arguably enough, after destroying my future in UK in one way and enhancing it in the other, one thing is clear: depression.

Once again this is here to fucking stay and there is no possibility of me going to register with the GP as their opening hours are way too limited. Tomorrow I will work from 7 am, and then running to uni for 2 pm, then staying until 6pm. Then home and then what ?

This summer was clearly the worst of my life. I remember summer 2003 as my worst summer of my life, and only God knows how I value my summers. This beats it. Yes. BEATS.

Why is that now. Well mostly because I don't have any single clear happy memory from it. Only struggles, disappointments, shocks, drunken nights trying to forget a horrible day.

Great. And now what ? Adjustment period is over and I cannot see further than my obstacles. Starting to hate this place, mostly probably because it is associated with misery and a horrible start.

I never knew how blessed I was before in my former life. Good bye now. See you never.

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