söndag 6 november 2011

Mother Stockholm.

Always good to go home for a weekend to experience good company and some tasty food I soooo miss here in UK!!! This is the result:

 Breakfast: Moms home salted fresh salmon on black rye bread.
 Yasmin and Sushi
 Yasmin and mom :)
 Julia and me having coffee and women talk
 Me and Alice out in Söder for drinks and catch up =)
 Sergey and I met up to have a proper Ukrainian evening: Vodka and man2man talk
 Me and Hassan making a "Friendship of Nations" Soviet picture
 Boys and their toys =)
 We had no juice so we made it old Ukrainian style: Jam+Sugar+Water
Sergey is serious

And with this I want to wrap up this episode of the never ending story in my life of people that always are there no matter what . I love them very much.

There are people who come and go in your life. Some leave a mark. Some don't matter. Some were longed for. Some unexpected. Some will always remain in my heart. Some will be erased.

But there are some that will persistently come back to remind me in person or in thoughts - that there is a simple answer - that there is a better way. Sometimes it takes just a moment to remember.

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