fredag 25 november 2011


Night time is the best time some would say. I say please let me sleep.

How to do it.

First stop drinking after work. Its a good idea. I was bored with the tasks I had to to for some interviews and it was not so fun anymore. I called my friend Yelena and spoke Russian with her, when a girl came up to me and said she spoke Russian too. (A very hot girl= yes she was half Ukrainian) In social context usually means: girly drinks, gossip and talks about men: boyfriends/husbands/lovers/boys/toys/. I like. So we went for a drink, she was waiting for her boyfriend to fly down to London and me - I needed to cure my hangover.

Conclusion: Don't start drinking at 3pm.

On the way home: No food. Answer: EAT!

At home food and water. Good combo, made me tired. After listening to some Swedish band called The Knife I went to bed. At 9:10pm.

Answer: Its too early. Body's reaction: Wake up at 12.20am.

Conclusion: I wake up in insane anxiety after 3 hours sleep and cannot go back. Heart is outa control. Get up, drink loads of water and then: take Ukrainian medicine against "Neurosis and heightened Irritability" with the effect to untighten tightened veins.

Now: much better. I really want to go home for Christmas sooooner. Can't wait. Need my sanity back. Thank Jesus there are people that keep me sane and healthy through and through. Their smile, hug, love means everything and foremost security, confidence and motivation. Yessss, things could be simple.

Well, time to relax =)))

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