fredag 27 januari 2012

Razor clam (shellfish) in white wine and cream sauce with shallots - garnished with smoky bacon ;) Mmmm

So today I decided it was time to have shellfish for lunch! It is a beautiful day here in London, sunny and not too cold, perfect time to cook something unique and tasty =)
I went to Fin & Flounders, a fishmonger on Broadway Market to get my usual fix, the "common carp" a sweet water fish I enjoy way too much sometimes... Two lovely guys working in there said that they didn't have it.. But they would fish it for me for tomorrow at a very good price, so I was not disappointed. Instead they gave me the good idea of trying something new for lunch: The Razor Shell (Ensis arcuatos) also called Razor clam which is a shellfish that looks like a stick. (Great!) The boys made sure they were alive before packing in 5 for me and sent me away home with a simple recipe. And this is how you do it ! :

1) First the secret ingredient: Bacon ! Yes, this adds to the smokiness of the rather sweet tasting Razor clam.
Give it a good 5 minutes in the pan
2) Chop and throw in shallot for another 5 minutes then put it away with the bacon on kitchen paper to drip off the excessive fat.
3) Now to the RAZOR clams - these babies were literally alive when I put them in the sizzling hot pan. I felt a bit like a sadist watching them fight for life until they slowly stopped moving and looked rather braised in 5 mins time.
4) Add the bacon and shallots back to the pan and pour some white wine over it. Wait some minutes until the 
the alcohol has evaporated. 
5) Stir in some double cream to bind all the amazing flavors going for this wonderful dish. And don't forget a splash of water (to taste), as the sauce is very rich at this point. Add salt + pepper. Give 5 minutes more;)
And this is the result ! Serve with Italian tagliatelle as a perfect base for this rather French dish. (Myself went for an organic wholemeal pasta;). White wine suits perfectly here (and I cheated with ice cold vegetable juice as it is very early in the day...). This dish has an immaculate flavor. Spot on. I strongly recommend it.
  Enjoyyy !!!

torsdag 26 januari 2012

5 min Lunch;)

Ravioli with mushroom and tomato sauce , 5 mins...

torsdag 5 januari 2012


Usually this time of the year (WINTER) is the time for me to sit home and be in the state of hibernation.

So this gives me a chance to share some traditions. Usually I take a lot of photographs of the loneliness that is included in these dark months of the year, although it never bothers me at all. I love to be alone and I am pretty comfortable in my own company.

Usually when it is dark and cold outside, people want somebody to cuddle up with. But being comfortable in one owns company means not to give a shit about such things. So who do you get that social need from ? Yourself.

Things to do when you are alone:

Wake up - Make breakfast - Hit the shower - Exfoliate as much as possible - Have breakfast -  Put on the morning news, facial cream and also moisturiser all over the body - Then a program to wake up and start the day on a positive note while putting on a facial mud mask and painting nails in a beautiful colour - Make sure there is a base for facing the day.

The rest of the day - do shopping for food or other things - clean the house - redecorate - read books - watch movies - study - enjoy hobbies (in my case my camera) - make food that cleanses you and eat vitamins  and minerals to rejuvenate your health.

In the evening - warm drinks (or a glass of white) would bring the calmness to the nerves and make you more relaxed. Night people might have the urge to blog away about their boring replica lives. As I am doing at the moment as I am watching "Marilyn, the last sessions..." about her psychiatrist and Marilyn's last years.

So that was that. Enjoy loneliness. Not everyone can enjoy it. Some are forced to be, some would dread the thought..

söndag 1 januari 2012

Goodbye 2011

2011 was filled with loads of things that were both good and bad.

Challenges beyond my expectations (I love quiet and cosy life but somehow always manage to get some thriller and action around the corners) were served on many occasion in all possible areas as well as happiness I had no idea existed was thrown in my face. I was shocked on many occasions at things that happened around me and how my opinions changed as new discoveries came around. I have learned a lot about myself, how not to take anything for granted and to stay strong through rains and thunders some days can bring. I also understood that there is a light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, if you are willing to wait it out - and patience can give you that power.

 It feels more important than ever to stay true to oneself and not to be scared of new challenges that are to come this new year, I just hope God gives me power to be more prepared and motivated to face each one in the most effective way.

The key word is: Never give up !

Goodbye 2011.