onsdag 28 mars 2012

First CD cover shoot by me :) Very niceeee

What a week!
Had my aunt here from Germany, spend some quality time with her and discovered a bit more here in this city of London =)

Also got great news about the CD cover I shot in Stockholm in February; it is finally in print !This was for the new album 'Avklädd' with the very talented singer Mattias Nylander ! We were literally shooting for 3 hours in -20 in the city center Stockholm, freezing our asses off trying to stay focused and professional which was quite an experience to say the least in this Siberian winter night.
You wouldn't tell, would you: So this is the result. VERY PROUD :)

If you like it I am bookable for photo shoots ! contact me on mariana.mushahdi@gmail.com for details.

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