måndag 16 april 2012

Wannabe JarahJessicaParker.

Went to shop for a few things to the big Boots in Westfield Stratford today. Filled with 'ångest' (a Swedish word for what English cannot express - anxiety with small twist of frustration) after today's university day which was very long but clarifying for my otherwise pretty floating brain. Also excitement of being immensely productive which I love. So there I was in Boots, walking through the make-up section checking out what was new and looking at different colors of Dior, YSL, Lancome, Chanel, the summer shades and lip-glosses shiny and sparkly. I was carried away. Then turning around, walking away from the shelves looking at different sections, I found myself in front of Clinique and their perfume stand. There it was - the orange coloured bottle. My eyes directly drawn to it. Happy. I took it in my hands, removed the silver top and , well I already knew the smell. Took a deep breath and closed my eyes. The bottle was empty, but the fragrance was still strong. Well for a small second at least, I felt reassured again. This smell for me meant security for a long time and today that is exactly what I needed, security and reassurance.

Faith does play these little tricks on us, setting us up in places and situation exactly when we need them, sometimes unknowingly. Then in retrospect we discover that pushing it away would not have been the solution. Sometimes you just have to accept what is given to you by the timeline. Ususally it is exactly what you need.

And this is what we all want, to remember, to feel, to love, to understand and to write about it sometimes. Just like Sarah Jessica Parkers character in that famous series on HBO. A whole freaking column. Today we can pretend it in a blog.

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