onsdag 27 juni 2012

The Midsummer Weekend in Stockholm

Midsummer this year fell on a Friday (22nd of June), randomly booking tickets for Friday (to have a prolonged weekend) saved my unknowing ass, as I am used to this festivity to take place on a Saturday. Pheeew.

At Skavsta Airport, with almost no sleep the night before I started to text my best friend Sergey so that he could meet me in town to take me to my appartment (already filled with booze since the Systembolaget - a liquer monopoly store was closed on this all important boozing day to keep crazy alcoholics from overdosing). I changed fast and rushed to the Vitabergsparken, typing in my numbers into Sergeys phone and making quick "Sorry, I'm late" calls as I was running from store to store looking for Potatissallad (potato sallad).

When we finally arrived we danced around the May pole with Denise and her dog Howl, sang some songs and took pictures with the phallic symbol which is the May pole. Finally met Alice, Valle and the rest and started to drink beer and eat all that Midsommer traditional foods like HERRING. I love it.

As we were sitting there enjoying the sun and the alcohol, Marre and Steph (Bob Zemuch) came and the vodka start flowing. I asked everyone to join for Vaxholm to continue the party there so the best Midsummer celebraters gathered and we went to take the boat. Dissapointed at the rest, as they would miss out on great fun (and they did).

The expereince on the boat was amazing to say the least, wonderful sunny weather and beautiful views of the Archipelago, loads out boating and a great atmosphere overall. Was delighthed that Anna Safronova joined making a true effort, waiting for a nanny to arrive to stay with her sun, she really went out of her way to meet us ! Everyone was enjoying the trip and we sat down in Vaxholm and ate and drank and played with the dog.

Later everyone was very tired and most decided to go and rest, but I and Anna decided to join Julia and Natasha at her friend Misha's in Gåshaga brygga. We had a wonderful evening there with relaxing drinks and a beautiful sea view with a magic sky line. Music was absolutely lounge, and chillaxing was on the agenda.

 Great finish to a wonderfully memorable Midsummer Eve in Stockholm, 2012. Yeeeey we rocked it thanks to all amazing people I am happy to call my friends. Thanks all !  x x

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