torsdag 6 september 2012

35 Secrets of Succes for a woman (Ru Edt.)

1. Forget about shortcomings.  More often think about your advantages. This is the first and foremost commandment.

 2. Stay home less. Around there are a lot of interesting things! 
3. Learn to listen. Respect other people's opinions. Do not impose you own. 
4. Smell like yourself. Find "your" perfume, because smells associated with people :) 
5. Do not be afraid to change. Develop, move forward. Try. Look for yourself. 
6. Stock some candy. All ads assert that fresh breath facilitates understanding. And so it is! 
7. Mind your steps. No need to constantly look down, slouch and hurry.
8. Read more. An interesting person is more appealing to communicate with.
9. Eat. With appetite and beautifully. The word "diet" is annoying. 
10. Your specialty dish. Learn to cook at least one dish and indulge your close ones. Even if it is just an ordinary apple pie :) 
11. Do not raise your voice. Control yourself. Violent and scandalous nature repels. 
12. Give gifts. Small and even home-made. Just like that. Because you're in a good mood :) 
13. Do not emphasis your smart. Annoying when people wishing to demonstrate their intelligence all the time, quotes sprinkled through a phrase. 
14. Do not tug. Do not push around the crumbs on the table, do not fold napkins, do not poke the backs of the book. Such gestures are terrible. 
15. Smile. Let everyone know that you're happy (a) :) 
16. Talk less about yourself. Let others ask you . 
17. Look sharp. More interesting to speak to someone who has eye contact. 
18. Remember about Chew. Do not be afraid to laugh at themselves. This is evidence of your sense of humor. 
19. Remember birthdays. This is a very important thing. Make a list and in time to congratulate them.
 20. Serenity. No need to think about how to look the part. Relax and enjoy. 
21. Do not be jealous. Rejoice that you have.
22. Stylization. Withstanding individual style of dress. Not to merge with the crowd, but do not look silly. Remember the golden middle - rule. 
23. Do not talk. To do is better. Trust deeds, not words. Words are empty. 
24. Be a friend. Can not talk bad about you dear people. Appreciate them. 
25. Love yourself and your body.
26. Courtesy. Try to always politely answer a call, even if the wrong number. Politeness adorns. 
27. Appreciate the time. Do not waste it on nonsense. Spend on good use. 
28. Do not humiliate people. You have no right to it. 
29. Do not speak ill of the ex. 
30. Do not lie. This will prevent many embarrassing situations. 
31. Do not drink much alcohol. 
32. Learn the basic rules of etiquette. And use in place place. 
33. Not be scared of difficulties. The tests make us stronger. 
34. Do not try to please everyone. You are not a coin for everyone to like you.. 
35. Be yourself.


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